China Good quality 06b-1 06b-2 06bss Ss06b 06b 9.525mm Pitch 304 Stainless Steel Industrial Simplex Duplex Triplex Sprocket connector Link Conveyor Roller Chain

Product Description

HangZhou Terry Machinery supply all linear guideway ,linear guides, ball screw,kinds of bearings,
chain and sprocket,fitness parts ,outboard engine and so on.
Material choices:Carbon steel,40Mn ,C45 steel,304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel.
We accept customization!!!

Below is chain type:

1.A series short pitch precision single roller chain.

such as 08A-1(40-1) 10A-1(50-1) 12A-1(60-1) 16A-1(80-1) 20A-1(100-1) etc.

2.A series short pitch precision duplex roller chain.

such as 08A-2(40-2) 10A-2(50-2) 12A-2(60-2) 16A-2(80-2) 20A-2(100-2) etc.

3.B series short pitch precision single roller chain.

such as 06B-1 08B-1 10B-1 12B-1 16B-1 20B-1 24B-1 32B-1 etc.

4.B series short pitch precision duplex roller chain.
such as 06B-2 08B-2 10B-2 12B-2 16B-2 20B-2 24B-2 32B-2 etc.

5.A-1&K-1 SA-1&SK-1 WA1&WA2&WK1&WK2 short picth conveyor chain with attachment.

such as 08A 10A 12A 16A 20A 24A 06B 08B 10B 12B 16B 20B 24B 28B 32B


We supply all kinds of different mode stainless steel&carbon steel roller chain, such as A&B short pitch single
/ duplex / triplex roller chain , heavy duty roller chain ,side bow chain , window open chain ,plastic engine chain ,
leaf chain,jelly machine chain ,packing machine chain, hollow pin chain ,mesh belt chain , palm oil chain , oil chain,
hoisting chains ,escalator chain, double picth conveyor roller chain, agricultural chains, sprockets, gears,wheels and so on;
We accept customization!!!

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Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Textile Machinery, Conveyer Equipment, Packaging Machinery, Motorcycle, Food Machinery, Mining Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Transportation
Surface Treatment: Shot Blasting
Structure: Roller Chain
Material: Carbon Steel ,Stainless Steel,45# Steel
Type: Short Pitch Chain
US$ 2/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

Request Sample

duplex chain

How do duplex chains handle angular misalignment between sprockets?

Duplex chains are designed to accommodate a certain degree of angular misalignment between the sprockets. However, excessive misalignment can lead to increased wear and decreased chain life. Here’s how duplex chains handle angular misalignment:

  • Flexible Link Design: Duplex chains consist of multiple pairs of inner and outer links connected by pins. The flexible link design allows the chain to adjust and accommodate slight angular misalignments between the sprockets.
  • Articulating Joints: The pins in duplex chains allow the links to pivot and articulate, which helps to compensate for minor misalignments. This articulation helps to distribute the load evenly across the chain and reduces stress on individual components.
  • Sprocket Tooth Profile: The sprocket teeth are designed to engage the chain properly and minimize the effects of misalignment. The tooth profile ensures smooth engagement and reduces the likelihood of chain binding or excessive wear.
  • Proper Alignment: While duplex chains can handle some degree of misalignment, it is still important to aim for proper sprocket alignment during installation. Proper alignment minimizes the stress on the chain and maximizes its lifespan.

It’s important to note that excessive angular misalignment can lead to accelerated wear, increased noise, and potential chain failure. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the misalignment within the manufacturer’s specified limits. Regular inspection and maintenance of the chain and sprockets can help identify any misalignment issues early and take corrective measures to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the duplex chain.

duplex chain

Can duplex chains be repaired or must they be replaced entirely?

Duplex chains, like most roller chains, are not designed to be repaired. Once a duplex chain has experienced significant wear, damage, or failure, it is generally recommended to replace the chain entirely rather than attempting repairs. Repairing a duplex chain can be challenging and may compromise the integrity and performance of the chain.

When a duplex chain shows signs of wear, such as elongation, worn-out rollers, or damaged components, it is an indication that the chain has reached the end of its service life. Repairing individual chain links or components is typically not feasible or cost-effective.

Replacing the entire duplex chain ensures that the new chain will have consistent dimensions, material properties, and performance characteristics, ensuring reliable operation and longevity. Additionally, a new chain will have the correct pitch, fit, and engagement with the sprockets, optimizing the power transmission efficiency.

It’s important to note that regular maintenance and timely replacement of worn duplex chains are crucial to prevent unexpected failures and minimize downtime. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for chain inspection, maintenance, and replacement intervals is essential to ensure the continued performance and safety of the chain drive system.

duplex chain

How do you determine the appropriate size and pitch of a duplex chain?

Determining the appropriate size and pitch of a duplex chain involves considering several factors to ensure optimal performance and compatibility with the application. Here’s a step-by-step guide to determining the right size and pitch:

  1. Identify the power requirements: Determine the power requirements of the application, including the torque and speed at which the chain will operate. This information is crucial for selecting a chain that can handle the expected load and provide the necessary power transmission.
  2. Calculate the design power: Use the torque and speed requirements to calculate the design power, which is the amount of power the chain needs to transmit. Design power is calculated using the formula: Design Power (kW) = Torque (Nm) x Speed (rpm) / 1000.
  3. Refer to manufacturer’s catalogs: Consult manufacturer catalogs or technical specifications to find the appropriate duplex chain series that can handle the design power calculated in the previous step. The catalogs provide detailed information on the capacity and capabilities of different chain sizes and pitches.
  4. Consider the chain’s tensile strength: Evaluate the tensile strength of the duplex chain options available in the selected series. The tensile strength should be sufficient to handle the anticipated load without exceeding the chain’s maximum working load limit.
  5. Determine the pitch: The pitch refers to the distance between the centers of adjacent chain pins and is an essential parameter to ensure proper meshing with the sprockets. The pitch size should match the pitch diameter of the sprockets used in the system. Select the duplex chain with the appropriate pitch size that matches the sprocket pitch diameter.
  6. Consider environmental factors: Take into account any specific environmental factors that may affect the chain’s performance, such as temperature extremes, corrosion, or abrasive conditions. Choose a duplex chain with the appropriate material and surface treatment to withstand the environmental conditions.
  7. Verify compatibility: Double-check the compatibility of the selected duplex chain with the sprockets, shafts, and other components in the power transmission system. Ensure that the chain can properly engage with the sprockets and align with the overall system design.
  8. Consult with experts: If you are unsure or require assistance in determining the appropriate size and pitch of a duplex chain, consult with experienced engineers, chain manufacturers, or industry experts who can provide guidance based on their expertise.

By following these steps and considering the power requirements, tensile strength, pitch, and environmental factors, you can determine the appropriate size and pitch of a duplex chain that will effectively and reliably transmit power in your specific application.

China Good quality 06b-1 06b-2 06bss Ss06b 06b 9.525mm Pitch 304 Stainless Steel Industrial Simplex Duplex Triplex Sprocket connector Link Conveyor Roller Chain  China Good quality 06b-1 06b-2 06bss Ss06b 06b 9.525mm Pitch 304 Stainless Steel Industrial Simplex Duplex Triplex Sprocket connector Link Conveyor Roller Chain
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