China Good quality 41HF1/40HF3/08BHF8/10BH/10BHF1 Short Pitch Transmission Precision Roller Chains B Series Duplex Chain

Product Description

Product Description

41HF1/40HF3/08BHF8/10BH/10BHF1 Short Pitch Transmission Precision Roller Chains B Series Duplex Chain

We have many OEM chain factory customer from Europe and our stainless steel chains quality is similar to the A quality in the world


We are professional supplier of chains


1.Bicycle chains: 408,410,415

2.Motorcycle chains: 04C, 25H, 06C, T3, 270H,415H, 420, 420L, 425, 428, 428H, 520,
525, 530 
3.ASA roller chains: 35, 40, 41, 50, 60, 60H, 80, 80H, 100, 120, 140, 160, 200, 240
4.Chain (British standard): 05-B, 06-B, 08-B, 10-B, 12-B, 16-B, 20-B, 24-B, 28-B,
32-B, 40-B (Catalog) 
5.Large pitch chain: 100, 100H, 120, 120H, 140, 140H, 160, 160H, 180, 200, 240

6.Extend-pitch precision roller chain: 208A, 208B, 210A, 210B, 212A, 212B, 216A,
216B, 220A,220B,224A,224B,228B,232B 
7.Roller chains for beer buntline conveyor: CK-70S,CK-100S,CK-100SA,CK-100SC,CK-133XA,
CK-140X, CK-140XA,CK-150X,CK-150S,CK-154X,CK-155X,CK-155XA,CK-160X,CK-160XA,CK-160XB,CK-160XC,CK-165X,CK-165XA, CK-169, CK-180X,CK-180XA,CK-200S,CW-102,CW-127
8.Implement roller chain for conveyors: 81X, 81XH,81XHH,CA550,CA555,CA620

9.Multi strand sizes available; up to 5 strand, for select size standard attachment available 
10.Chains from 04b~16b are with spring clip, other are riveted; cottered design
is available for size 80 to 240

11.Stainless steel chain and nickel plated chains is available; special design also available
(i.e., oven conveyor) and we can produce as per material your requests, usually stainless steel chains material is SS304, if you need SS316 or SS316L etc. it is available too


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HangZhou CHINAMFG Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of a full range of chains, sprockets, gears, gear racks, v belt pulley, timing pulley, V-belts, couplings, machined parts and so on.

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Additionally, all our production procedures are in compliance with ISO9001 standards. We also can design and make non-standard products to meet customers’ special requirements. Quality and credit are the bases that make a corporation alive. We will provide best services and high quality products with all sincerity. If you need any information or samples, please contact us and you will have our soon reply.


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Application: Conveyer Equipment, Motorcycle, Agricultural Machinery
Structure: Roller Chain
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Cranked Link Chain
Pitch: 6.35mm~76.2mm
Certificate: DIN


Customized Request

duplex chain

What are the maintenance intervals for duplex chains?

Maintenance intervals for duplex chains can vary depending on factors such as the operating conditions, load, and environmental factors. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

  • Lubrication: Regular lubrication is essential to reduce friction and wear in duplex chains. The lubrication interval will depend on the chain speed, operating temperature, and the type of lubricant used. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for lubrication frequency and use a high-quality lubricant suitable for the application.
  • Tensioning: Proper chain tension is important for efficient power transmission and to prevent excessive wear. It is recommended to check and adjust the chain tension periodically. The frequency of tensioning will depend on the specific application and the chain’s elongation characteristics.
  • Inspection: Regular visual inspections of the duplex chain are necessary to identify any signs of wear, damage, or misalignment. Inspections should include checking for elongation, corrosion, loose pins, damaged rollers, and worn sprocket teeth. The frequency of inspections will depend on the operating conditions and the criticality of the equipment.
  • Cleaning: In environments where contaminants such as dirt, dust, or debris are present, regular cleaning of the duplex chain may be required. This helps to maintain proper functioning and prevent accelerated wear.
  • Replacement: Duplex chains should be replaced when they have reached their wear limits or when significant damage or elongation is detected. It is important to monitor the chain’s condition and replace it promptly to prevent unexpected failures and equipment downtime.

It is recommended to consult the manufacturer’s documentation or seek guidance from chain experts to determine the specific maintenance intervals for duplex chains based on the application requirements and operating conditions. They can provide more detailed information and specific recommendations for your particular application.

duplex chain

Can duplex chains be used in applications requiring bi-directional power transmission?

Yes, duplex chains can be used in applications requiring bi-directional power transmission. Duplex chains are designed to transmit power in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions, making them suitable for bidirectional motion.

The design of duplex chains allows for smooth engagement and disengagement with the sprockets in both directions, ensuring efficient power transmission. The teeth of the sprockets are designed to match the chain’s pitch and engage with the chain rollers, providing reliable power transfer in either direction.

When selecting a duplex chain for a bi-directional application, it is important to consider factors such as load capacity, speed, and environmental conditions. The chain should be appropriately sized and lubricated to ensure smooth operation and minimize wear.

Additionally, proper tensioning of the duplex chain is crucial to maintain optimal performance in bi-directional applications. Adequate tension helps prevent slippage and ensures the chain remains engaged with the sprockets, enabling efficient power transmission.

Overall, duplex chains are versatile and can effectively handle bi-directional power transmission in a wide range of applications. However, it is recommended to consult with chain manufacturers or industry experts to ensure the selected chain meets the specific requirements of the application.

duplex chain

Can duplex chains be used in high-load or heavy-duty applications?

Yes, duplex chains are well-suited for high-load and heavy-duty applications due to their robust construction and increased load-bearing capacity. Here are some reasons why duplex chains are commonly used in such applications:

  • Higher load capacity: Duplex chains consist of two parallel rows of links, which distribute the load across a larger area compared to single-strand chains. This design allows duplex chains to handle higher loads and provide increased strength and durability.
  • Improved resistance to wear: The use of two rows of links in a duplex chain helps distribute the wear evenly. This reduces the stress on individual links and increases the chain’s resistance to wear, ensuring reliable performance even under heavy loads.
  • Enhanced fatigue strength: Duplex chains are designed to withstand repetitive loading and cyclic stress. The dual-row configuration improves the chain’s fatigue strength, making it suitable for applications with high-load and continuous operation.
  • Greater stability and reliability: The parallel arrangement of links in a duplex chain provides better stability and reduces the risk of chain derailment or jumping off the sprockets. This ensures smooth and reliable power transmission, even in heavy-duty applications with varying loads.
  • Suitability for harsh environments: Duplex chains are available in a variety of materials, including corrosion-resistant options. This makes them suitable for use in demanding environments with high loads and exposure to harsh conditions such as dust, dirt, moisture, or chemicals.
  • Compatibility with large sprockets: Duplex chains are commonly used with larger sprockets, which further enhances their load-bearing capacity and efficiency in heavy-duty applications.

Overall, duplex chains are specifically designed to handle high-load and heavy-duty applications. Their construction, load distribution, and resistance to wear and fatigue make them a reliable choice for industries such as mining, construction, material handling, and agriculture, where substantial loads and continuous operation are common.

China Good quality 41HF1/40HF3/08BHF8/10BH/10BHF1 Short Pitch Transmission Precision Roller Chains B Series Duplex Chain  China Good quality 41HF1/40HF3/08BHF8/10BH/10BHF1 Short Pitch Transmission Precision Roller Chains B Series Duplex Chain
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