China manufacturer ISO Standard Steel Simplex Duplex Triplex Roller Chain a/B Series Chains 12v air compressor

DIN/ISO Chain No. Pitch Roller Diameter Width Between Inner Plates Pin Diameter Pin Length Inner Plate Depth Plate Thickness Ultimate Tensile Strength Average Tensile Strength Weight Per Meter P d1 max b1 min d2 max L max Lc max h2 max T max Q min Q0 q. mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kN/LB kN Kg/m 04B-1 6.000 4.00 2.80 1.85 6.80 7.80 5.00 0.60 3.0/682 3.2 0.11 05B-1 8.000 5.00 3.00 2.31 8.20 8.90 7.10 0.80 5.0/1136 5.9 0.20 *06B-1 9.525 6.35 5.72 3.28 13.15 14.10 8.20 1.30 9.0/2045 10.4

Duplex Chain: Performance Characteristics, Types, and Application


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Performance Characteristics of Duplex Chain

1. High Strength: Duplex chains are known for their exceptional strength, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.

2. Durability: These chains are designed to withstand prolonged use and resist wear, ensuring a longer service life.

3. Precision: Duplex chains offer precise and reliable power transmission, ensuring smooth operation even under high loads.

4. Resistance to Fatigue: They are capable of withstanding repetitive cyclic loads without experiencing premature failure.

5. Shock Absorption: Duplex chains have the ability to absorb shock and reduce vibration, providing enhanced stability.

Types and Characteristics of Duplex Chain

1. Standard Duplex Chain: These chains consist of identical plates and rollers, making them cost-effective and widely used.

2. Double-Pitch Duplex Chain: These chains have longer pitches, suitable for applications requiring slower speeds.

3. Heavy-Duty Duplex Chain: Designed for demanding environments, these chains have enhanced strength and durability.

4. Extended Pitch Duplex Chain: With increased pitch lengths, these chains are ideal for conveying applications.

Advantages of Duplex Chain Made of Different Materials

1. Stainless Steel Duplex Chain: Offers excellent corrosion resistance, ideal for harsh or corrosive environments.

2. Carbon Steel Duplex Chain: Provides high strength and durability at an affordable price, suitable for general applications.

3. Nickel-Plated Duplex Chain: Combines the advantages of stainless steel and carbon steel chains, offering corrosion resistance and enhanced strength.

4. Plastic Duplex Chain: Known for its lightweight and low-noise operation, used in industries where cleanliness is crucial.

Application of Duplex Chain in Various Industries

Duplex chains find extensive use in the following industries:

  • Automotive Industry: Used in engines, transmissions, and powertrain systems for reliable power transmission.
  • Packaging Industry: Utilized in packaging machinery for smooth and efficient material handling.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Ensures precise movement in pharmaceutical manufacturing and processing equipment.
  • Electronics Manufacturing: Used in assembly lines and automated equipment for accurate and efficient production.
  • Textile Industry: Enables reliable power transmission in textile machinery, ensuring smooth operation.

Future Development Trends and Opportunities

The future of Duplex chain products looks promising, with potential development trends and opportunities:

  • Increasing demand for advanced and durable Duplex chains in the industrial sector.
  • Growing focus on energy efficiency, leading to the development of innovative Duplex chain designs.
  • Expanding applications in emerging industries, such as renewable energy and robotics.
  • Development of Duplex chains with specialized coatings for enhanced performance and longevity.

Choosing a Suitable Duplex Chain

When selecting a suitable Duplex chain, consider the following aspects:

  1. Determine application requirements: Identify the specific needs and operating conditions of the equipment.
  2. Identify the Type of Chain: Choose the appropriate type of Duplex chain based on the application requirements.
  3. Select the Chain Material: Consider the environmental factors and demands of the application to determine the suitable chain material.
  4. Consider the Chain Dimensions: Ensure the selected chain is compatible with the equipment’s sprockets and other components.
  5. Check Compatibility with Sprockets: Verify that the chosen Duplex chain is compatible with the sprockets to ensure proper functioning.


In conclusion, Duplex chains possess high strength, durability, and precision, making them ideal for various industrial applications. The different types and materials of Duplex chains offer specific advantages for different requirements. Their widespread use in automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical, electronics manufacturing, and textile industries reflects their value and importance. Looking ahead, the future of Duplex chain products presents numerous opportunities and trends for development. When selecting a suitable Duplex chain, considering application requirements, chain type, material, dimensions, and compatibility with sprockets is crucial for optimal performance.

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